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Australia’s only IT Company focused on Blockchain and Distributed ledger for Enterprises

We are on a mission to empower people and businesses to their full potential through meaningful innovations.

Bloxian was born with an intent to be a thought-to-finish partner for clients in their blockchain journey. We bring respected and well-recognized advisory services to clients on blockchain technologies, construct blockchain networks and tailor solutions leveraging our products combined with our powerful platform and blockchain partner ecosystem. We help client’s experiment and deploy proof-of-concepts on blockchain technologies and incrementally expand to scale to production releases.

Bloxian brings plethora of experience in implementing blockchain based enterprise solutions to the market. With our targeted product range and blockchain development platform, Bloxian is able to bring down enterprise grade implementation timelines considerably and thereby improving time to market. Bloxian is the only IT company in Australia focused on blockchain and Distributed ledger and has a demonstrable track record of delivering POC’s and blockchain projects for large enterprises.

Demostrable track record of Delivering Blockchain POC’s and Blockchain Projects for Enterprises


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Our Vision is to create value for enterprises by refactoring business processes through innovation using blockchain technology and giving a competitive edge in the industry.


Kunal Chhabra

Vice President- Innovation and Strategy

Asim Salim

Business Development Manager

Aman Yadav

Lead UX Designer

Gaurav Gupta

Data Scientist

Alok Verma

Blockchain Developer

Chriszer Tamyo

Blockchain Developer

Rajeev Baditha

Blockchain Developer

Sudeshna Khandai

Human Resource Manager

Brian D.

Global lead Recruitment officer


Vincent Gramoli

Senior Researcher at University of Sydney and Data 61- CSIRO

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