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Our platforms support your organization from workshops to go-live and beyond that includes analytics and monitoring of the entire IT network including nodes and its inter-depen-dencies.

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Build Enterprise Distributed Apps Code-free on any of the permissioned or private Distributed ledger technology. BLOX comes with pre-built modularized APIs to support any type of use cases. Connect your App with existing IT ecosystem with a range of connectors, import data from external data source, track your transactions real time on intuitive dashboard BLOX comes with sandbox and professional license (Cloud and on-premise options)

  • Reduces ~ 70% Build time
  • Reduces~ 80% Change time
  • Cost savings
  • Scalable, Supports mobile devices


Corda Adaptive Intelligent layer: An intelligent layer that adapts the inputs and adjusts the data model in the Blockchain API layer.

  • Reduces ~ 70% Build time
  • Reduces~ 80% Change time
  • Cost savings
  • Scalable, Supports mobile devices
TWiG (Train with a game) is a patented upskilling platform on the blockchain that uses interactive “network play” and learning techniques. Users who are wishing to learn the blockchain, work on a customer simulated network on the cloud, working on the tasks assigned and receive “hands-on” training achieving building blockchain applications. TWiG can be played intra or inter-organization who has a requirement to build a variety of working blockchain apps for learning, hackathon or simply for development purposes.

  • Advanced Programming skills
  • Hands-On to create working blockchain applications
  • Customer simulated environment
  • In-Class room/cloud played in a network
  • Time driven incentivisation
  • Industry Ready Certification


ALFaDeLTa ( Adaptive Layer Framework for Distributed Ledger technology ) allows customers to rapidly build and deploy Blockchain based services for various business needs. It does this by providing an abstract layer which seamlessly at-tunes to existing IT ecosystem in place and “blockchainify” the process with quick time to market. This comes packaged with pre-coded smart contracts, flows, APIs, test suite, connectors, and utilities.

  • Saves production build and integration costs by over 40%
  • Can be applied to any business


DyLIAn ( Introspective analysis of your distributed data ) is your complete analytical tool that processes your data from distributed silos of IT ecosystem without duplicating the data with “in membrane” processing and visualizing node transactions in an ecstatic way. It has “enterprise fabric layer” comprising data quality engine, with processing and has a “consumption layer” comprising visualizing tools and alert mechanism.

  • Analytical data virtualization
  • Business led approach
  • Multi structured query optimization
TAUT identifies security defects and vulnerabilities in Distributed applications by delivering static and dynamic security testing. TAUT is an “on Demand service” which is hosted on the cloud, backed by Distributed App expert analysis and is delivered through a simple, consumption-based pricing model.

  • As-A-Service model and scalable
  • Fast and flexible scan supporting any dev process


BarrelEye manages the experience of a customer on a distributed App integrated with the IT ecosystem and bring transformation on the performance management by early detection, automated alerts with diagnostic capabilities. This also details the Node Status, weblog, Config, Key, state details, network map, and other useful information.

  • Unified monitoring solution
  • Transactions across hybrid environments

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